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Our Ligne Blanche Originals line are the products sourced, designed, and produced... 

Sourced from around the world.

Welcome to Ligne Blanche, a woman-owned fashion and home décor boutique that delivers the vibrancy, timelessness, and durability of French designs, to America. Made from the finest fabrics sourced from our Founder's Catalan hometown, our designs capture the essence of French fashion, while remaining sustainably and ethically produced. Originally founded in New York, we have recently expanded cross-country. You can now find us in Laguna Beach, CA.

Our Story

Ligne Blanche CA was founded in 2019 in Laguna Beach California. We recently expanded from our two flagship stores on the east coast, which were founded in 2008.

Sandrine, our founder, was born and raised in the South of France on the Spanish border. She was profoundly influenced by her colorful and vibrant surroundings.

"Colors are the translation of our emotions, incorporating them in our home and every day life is essential!"

All Ligne Blanche Originals fabrics are personally sourced from Sandrine's home in the south of France. The products you will discover at this boutique are meticulously and passionately curated to share her colorful vision.

Our clothing, jewelry, textiles, accessories and home décor are ethically produced and sustainably sourced.

A touch of the French lifestyle!

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Ethically Produced

  • Women Owned

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